Bodyweight Home Hip & Glute Workout | 30 Days of Leg Day At Home Without Equipment Day 29

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Today is Day 29 of the 30 Days of Leg Day At Home Without Equipment Program! No equipment is needed for this entire program. The workout of the day targets the legs, more specifically the hips & glutes. This is level limitless which is the next intensity round and the intervals are set up as 90 seconds high intensity followed by 20 seconds rest and repeated for a 15 minute circuit. Exercises are randomly generated using my workout app Exerprise over the course of the 30 days to keep your training fresh and fun while the weeks are programmed with intensified volume and intervals to keep your training effective and progressive. This is how you can utilize randomization with progressive overload. 1 round will be an intense bodyweight workout and is all you need to do each day since each round we are increasing volume. Grow bigger legs at home with just your bodyweight. Get after Day 29 with this intense 15 minute bodyweight home hips & glutes workout video!

Circuit Exercises:
Leg Out Side Circles
Hip Bridges
Donkey Kicks
Seal Kicks


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