Hi guys! I see a LOT of comments on the channel about not feeling workouts in the right place, or your form. In this video I'm showing you how to fix your form so you can get the BEST results from the workouts.

ALSO if you still want to join the BBFIT winter challenge thats all about BODY LOVE with recipes, meal plan, workout calendar, meditations, stretch classes and MORE you can here the whole month of FEB

1. SQUAT FORM - feel it in your BUTT not THIGHS or BACK 1:40

2. BRIDGE FORM - feel it in your BUTT not THIGHS or BACK 2:40

3. LOWER ABS - how to feel your ABS not LOW BACK 3:21

4. SUPPORT LEG - how to feel it in the moving leg and WHY you feel the support side 3:45

5. WRISTS HURT - modify so your wrists don't hurt and abs work more 5:58

6. HOW TO PROPERLY ENGAGE ABS - how to lift pelvic floor, improve ab exercises and protect low back 7:08

7. NECK PAIN IN AB WORKOUTS - how to protect your neck so it doesn't hurt in ab workouts and work core more 8:35

I hope you guys have found this video super helpful! Its so important to SLOW DOWN and get the form right, practice in front of a mirror so you can spot check. Try making the mind muscle connection by slowing things down and focusing on the area you're working.

Love, Bails xx